WrestlePro Wrap Up – Double Shot Weekend– October 14th & 15th 2016

By Dave “D-Struction” Sturchio

Show 1- Friday October 14th 2016- Cresskill, New Jersey

WrestlePro has made it their responsibility to try to expand their brand to as many new venues/cities as they possibly can in their first year of 2016, and on October 14th, they did just that. The Cresskill Community Center hosted WrestlePro on Friday night, with featured Guests; The WrestlePro debut of “The Big Guy” Ryback, Santino (Who was appointed Special Guest General Manager for both nights), and the reuniting “Bromans” (Robbie E, Jessie Godderz, and DJ Z (Zema Ion)) !

Match 1: Mario Bokara vs Matt Macintosh
Simply put in a word; “WOW”. When you come into a new city with new faces in the crowd you have to start the night off with a bang! Matt Macintosh and Mario Bokara did just that. Macintosh, who came to the ring alone (Minus his newly formed “Apple Core”) wanted to show the audience and company that he can get this job done on his own! After starting off with some very innovative offense, Macintosh, who if you recall is the very first WrestlePro Champion, seemed to have the crowd & critics silenced as he was going for a big upset win! But after going to the well one too many times trying to pull off his famous “Apple Slicer”, Mario Bokara turned the tables and it was time for a Croation-Suplex extravaganza, including one that Mario caught Macintosh from the second turnbuckle and dropped him flush on the blades of his shoulders and neck! After a valiant effort by “The Bad Apple”, Mario quickly turned the “ON SWITCH” on and if you know anything about Bokara and his abilities; once this turns on, it does NOT turn off. Mario was able to lock in the Croation-Lock arm bar submission for the tap out victory! A great way to start off our night in Cresskill!
Your Winner by Submission: Mario Bokara

Match 2: Triple Threat Tag Team Match – Donovan/Blake (The Wrestlepreneurs) vs The Taboo Crew (Craig Steele and Jenkins) vs Apple Core (Feinstein/Lamorte)

When you look at this match on paper the one thing that stood out was “experience”. Between Craig Steele, Blake, and Donovan there’s over 2 decades of experience combined. But along with experience comes youth and the up and comers such as Micah Jenkins, Maxwell Feinstein, and Valerio Lamorte! It was a solid mix of everything! Feinstein has been known for trying to convince wrestling fans everywhere that he may be the next best thing in pro wrestling but as far as the dance moves were concerned, Jenkins stole that show. Jenkins also stole the show on a wrestling front as this kid has proven that he is ridiculously talented and has a very bright future. The “Apple Core” were trying to gel as a team but their inexperience as a team definitely showed at some points of this contest. A valiant effort and smooth tag team connection from Blake and Donovan proved to the crowd and the company that they’re a tag team who shouldn’t be taken lightly going forward as the WrestlePro tag team division continues to get deeper. But in the end there had to be a winner and after a springboard front flip “Taboo Driver”, applied by Jenkins and Steele, they were able to show everyone that they’ve gelled best here at WrestlePro and this contest for sure!
Your Winner by pinfall: The Taboo Crew… Who’s Bad!?

Match 3: 8-Woman Tag Team Match (C-Bunny, Katarina Leigh, Deonna Purrazzo, Gemma Cross vs Antoinette Marie, Helen Vale, Jen Mavra, Beetrice)

Some people have the idea that when they see “Women’s Wrestling” on the card, they are in for a few athletic moves and couple nice smiles with flashy ring attire. This was a little bit of that for sure, however the generals of the ring with experience (Leigh & Purrazzo) definitely showed us that hard hitting isn’t just for the men! This match started off clean but very quickly turned into 8 women doing battle in the middle of the ring and all hell broke loose. We saw Beetrice “The Barbie Killer” come to the ring with a severed Barbie head and in that moment we (The commentators and crowd) knew we were in for some vicious hard hitting out of the rookie, and we got just that! C-Bunny to the dislike of the Cresskill crowd took a massive beating by the likes of all 4 women on the other side of the ring. But in the end, Katarina Leigh and Parrazzo were able to rally the troops and score the victory!
Your Winner by Pinfall: Team Katarina Leigh!

Match 4: WrestlePro Championship Match! Bobby Wayward © vs Anthony Bowens

In one of the most highly anticipated matchups of the evening, Anthony Bowens was seeking not only a chance to reclaim the title but revenge against long time hated rival, Bobby Wayward who had a very confident demeanor heading into this one! This time around however, the rules were thrown out the window as this was scheduled to be a “no disqualification” match. Right away; you would figure this would benefit the champion (Being that in September we saw the debut of an alliance formed between Wayward and undefeated and unstable lunatic; Chris Avery Queling) but quickly we realized that this would only help Bowens in the beginning because his rage was let out in the form of many punches, elbows, and kicks to Wayward’s entire body. Very quickly we saw the emergence of Chris Avery Queling from the back to help his new found (and only) friend in the WrestlePro locker room Bobby Wayward. The match went back and forth and even in a practical 2 on 1 effort, Bowens was able to outlast many attempts for some unfair play and make this a match! Wayward introduced a steel chair into the ring and both men equally gave each other all they had. This, too many, was uncharacteristic of one Anthony Bowens to use a foreign object to try and score the victory but it was quite clear that he was going to pull out all the stops in order to recapture the WrestlePro championship. Unfortunately for Bowens it took just one last momentary distraction by Queling for Wayward to level Bowens with the title belt and knocked Bowens out cold for the 1-2-3.
Your Winner AND STILL WrestlePro Champion: Bobby Wayward

** After the match had concluded, the assault continued. Queling and Wayward stomped away at a lifeless Bowens until a familiar loud Italian theme song hit the speakers and our General Manager, Santino! He bolted to the ring in relief of Bowens! Just before Wayward could attempt to throw one punch to Santino, He was quickly countered and wound up on the receiving end of THE COBRA! It struck and struck fast at Santino was able to help revive Bowens and raise his hand, and letting the crowd of Cresskill, New Jersey know, that this rivalry, is far from over!


Match 5: Chris Avery Queling vs The Beach Bums!
Chris Avery Queling has made a name for himself rather quickly in the first year of this promotion by destroying everything and anything that has come in his path. This rage comes from many years of built up frustration of failed “gimmicks” and characters in which it finally caused this man to snap. Unfortunately for every opponent he has stepped in the ring with (Sadly, myself as well), he has taken every ounce of rage out on them. He has been stepping into the ring in one on one competition but on this night, in order for the company to try and slow down this monster, we witnessed the debut of 3 new individuals who labeled themselves as “The Beach Bums”. They consisted of Freddie IV, Brody, and TJ and they quickly were introduced to the monster known as Chris Avery Queling. For a brief moment we thought the numbers game was finally going to put the big man down and keep him down however we were quickly corrected as “CAQ” destroyed all 3 members as they attempted a massive triple-team move that went quickly south. Sorry, Dudes.
Your Winner and STILL Undefeated: Chris Avery Queling

Match 6: The Bromans (Robbie E, DJ Z, Jesse Godderz) vs The Aesthetic Males (Gibbs, Beefcake, Del)

When this match was first announced, we knew it would be special. We couldn’t necessarily define “special” at the time but it was indeed just that. Maybe “Unique” is a better choice of words. In a match that started with a pushup contest between Beefcake Charlie and Jesse Godderz, The Beefy one was able to outsmart Godderz who attempted to drop an elbow on a “push-upping Beefcake” in which to my surprise, I don’t think I’ve ever used “Outsmart” and “Beefcake Charlie” in the same sentence. The Bromans got quickly heated and left the ring when Robbie E called for a microphone to attempt to challenge the Males in a different way. Robbie challenged The Aesthetic males to the very first ever, footrace around the entire arena. Rules were simple; run around the entire recreation center and slide into the ring to act as a “finish line” of sorts. David Adams counted to 3, and there took off the Bromans in a sprint around the arena as The Aesthetic Males quickly realized that the finish line was the ring in which they were standing (and recovering from a quick cheap shot by the Bromans) about 6 feet from it, so for the second time in this match, The Aesthetic Males outsmarted the Bromans by quickly and simply sliding back into the ring declaring themselves the winners! The Bromans filled with even more frustration now, slid back into the ring to try an attempt to beat the males in an actual WRESTLING match but for the trifecta were outsmarted and defeated via 3 way school boy roll up!
Your Winners (Practically 3 times over): THE AESTHETIC MALES.. The Bromans were then recipients of “The Clap”
Match 7: 6 Way Scramble (Habib, Sonjay Dutt, Chris Payne, Kip Stevens, Nikos Rikos, Giant Leather)
On paper, yes, you’re reading this correctly as we have 6 of the most polar opposite styles of wrestlers in this thing so right away you couldn’t pick out a winner! There was A LOT of action in this one as always these 6-way matches seem to carry with its label. Chris Payne showed a new side of aggression as he was all business in each and every punch thrown. We saw Giant Leather attempt to just bully the 5 others but the numbers game quickly removed that as a factor. The obvious scene is that we would see Habib either launch himself or be launched onto 3-4 competitors and we saw just that. How this guy continues to survive these crazy matches are beyond me! Sonjay proved to the crowd rather quickly that he had the most experience in the match and it showed based on his strategic spots chosen to try and score himself the victory. However, in a roundabout “underdog” of this match, Nikos Rikos proved the entire way that he could hang with the best of them (Last month in late September he went toe to toe with Dan Maff and showed that he belonged in the spotlight that he’s in). Nikkos was able to outlast all 5 and score a shocking victory to the surprise of many but not myself knowing that Nikkos is on the rise!
Your Winner by Pinfall: (With Tears in his eyes): Nikos Rikos

MAIN EVENT: WrestlePro Tag Team Championship Match: The Heavenly Bodies © vs Ryback & Pat Buck

WrestlePro was rolling along and picking up steam match by match and it all lead up to this. We knew was time it was. It was, FEEDING TIME. The Bodies came out with their manager Shining Edward Jackson with complete confidence! They had the momentum going into this match and knew that this would be the first time Ryback had seen any in-ring action since leaving the WWE and not only that, but also Ryback’s first time tagging with long time best friend, and owner of WrestlePro Pat Buck. As big of a force that Ryback is; the odds definitely had the Bodies as the favorite of this match based solely off of experience as a team together! The match, as expected started off hard hitting with the most intensity I’ve ever seen out of the Bodies. Justin and Dustin knew that in order to retain tonight, they needed to bring out every ounce of energy they had. Surprisingly enough, The Bodies at one point were in firm control of the match and had both Ryback and Pat Buck down on the mat and applied a lot of damage where needed! A few near falls here and there had the Cresskill crowd thinking that the champs weren’t playing any games and would pick up the victory. Towards the end of this match, we saw Ryback and Buck finally start to gel as a cohesive unit and had the champs reeling. With a massive hanging vertical suplex (which by the crowd count lasted close to 20 seconds), Shining Edward Jackson finally offered his services by pulling out senior official Kevin Keenan just before counting to 3 which would have crowned new champions. Pat Buck quickly realized what had transpired and chased Edward Jackson to the back however; leaving Ryback vulnerable for the Bodies to hit the “Pearly Gates” on the 281 pounder! Just when we again thought we had seen the tag champs retain, Buck saved Ryback from the 3 count and then took himself out of the ring with a massive clothesline to Dustin leaving Justin in the ring one on one with Ryback. Justin, showing his arrogance started to chant “Feed Me More!” winding up a clothesline but was quickly met with a “meat hook” clothesline of Ryback’s own into the ever so familiar and devastating “Shell Shock!” for the 1…2…3! WE HAVE NEW WRESTLEPRO TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!
Your Winners by Pinfall AND NEW WrestlePro Tag Team Champions: Ryback and Pat Buck

Show 2- October 15th, 2016 – Brooklyn, New York!

Coming off the amazing jam packed show one night earlier in Cresskill, New Jersey, WrestlePro was set to continue the momentum into Brooklyn, New York! Special guests included: “The Big Guy” Ryback (Who is now ½ of the WrestlePro Tag Team Champions), Guest Special GM Santino! , X-Pac! Robbie E, Jesse Godderz and more!

Match 1: Kevin Matthews vs. Robbie E w/Jesse Godderz
Much like WrestlePro did on night one, we knew we had to start off with a match that had a massive amount of HATE involved! It’s no secret that there isn’t much of a friendship in or outside of the ring between KM and Robbie E. Before we could even get into the meat of a good highly anticipated wrestling match, Jesse Godderz decided to get involved very quickly and turn it into a 2 on 1 assault! Before Matthews could take too much damage, in came running a chair swinging Metal God we all know as Craven Varro! Craven cleared the ring quickly in which prompted special guest General Manager, Santino, to make an impromptu Tag Team Match!
New Match 1: Kevin Matthews & Craven Varro vs the Bromans!

For those who have been following WrestlePro and its recent history right before the debut show, you would know that Craven Varro was the last member of a group called, “Reality Check” before Kevin decided to go his own way heading into the debut of WrestlePro in March of this year. However, the bond between the two was never broken and we were quickly brought up to speed that “The band is back together!” as Reality Check gelled together and made quick work of The Bromans! A great mix of speed and agility by Varro along with the power that Kevin brings each and every match was the recipe for a victory here in Brooklyn!
Your winners by Pinfall: Reality Check! (Matthews and Varro)

Match 2: Deonna Purrazzo vs Katarina Leigh

The friendship and bond these two ladies shared the night before in Cresskill, New Jersey was quickly put to rest as the two women were set to do battle one on one. Early in the match we saw Kat work on and continue to inflict damage to damage to the lower back of Purrazzo. Leigh, the taller and more experienced of the two had control most of the match until Deonna found it in her to revive herself and quickly turn the tables and even, with the bad lower back, hit a massive running back senton to score the victory 1-2-3!
Your Winner by pinfall: Deonna Purrazzo

Match 3: Triple Threat Match: Chris Payne (w/ Shining Ed Jackson) vs Sonjay Dutt vs Fallah Bahh
Much like as I stated in the previous night’s summary, Chris Payne showed a different side of rage and intensity and it was definitely needed with the opponents he faced here tonight. Fallah, with obvious history between himself and the Edward Jackson 5, knew that it was only a matter of time before Jackson inserted himself into this match to try and get his client, Chris Payne, the victory. Sonjay on the other hand, much like he did in the previous night, picked his spots rather well and struck when he saw his opportunity. In the middle of this match, we saw a much EXTENDED “Panda Express” roll by Fallah Bahh with both Dutt and Payne lined up vertically the entire length of the ring! That’s a lot of rolling! In the end however, as expected, Chris Payne saw his opening and scored the victory with a roll up (and well, his feet on the middle ropes for extra leverage)
Your Winner by Pinfall: Chris Payne

Match 4: 6 Way Scramble Match: Ronald Kingsley vs. Zema Ion vs Bronson vs Onyx vs Buster Jackson vs Hotdog Starkes

In one of the most creative matches of the night, the 6 way match brought a lot to the table! We saw Zema Ion fly and use his unique style of wrestling as only we know he can! We saw the progression of one Buster Jackson in many ways trying to evolve and be a key member of the Jackson 5 group! We saw the intensity of one, Create-a-Pro New York member, Bronson! We also saw a big man standoff between Bronson and newcomer and big man Onyx! And then… there was a hotdog. Yes, you’re reading this correctly. A walking, talking, flying, striking, hotdog. Hot Dog Starkes took the crowd by surprise and showed his ability to hang with some of the top up and comers In the business as well as ring veteran like Zema Ion. Loud chants of “Hotdog Starkes!” were deafening in Brooklyn as in the end he was able to hit a variation of a “Stunner” and scored the pinfall victory in probably the most unique matches of the night!
Your Winner by Pinfall: Hotdog Starkes (Not a Typo)

Match 5: X-Pac & Johnny Clash vs. Taboo Crew (Steele and Jenkins)

In the previous night in Cresskill, New Jersey; we saw the fun-loving version of the Taboo Crew! This included embracing the crowd and shooting money out of Craig’s famous air gun! Tonight, we saw the complete opposite. They seemed very bitter and angry even! Johnny Clash, who has been searching for his first win in 7 months! (0-8 Record) asked WrestlePro management to tag him up with someone who can help him get that first W! WrestlePro then presented Clash with WWE Hall of Famer, X-Pac! If you thought for a second that we would get an older, slower, version of X-Pac you were sadly mistaken and the Taboo Crew was quickly caught off guard! We were re-introduced to the Bronco buster applied to Jenkins! The Crew somewhat had control early but the ring experience of one, X-Pac and the desire and wherewithal of Johnny Clash searching for his first victory WAS ENOUGH for the 1-2-3 in the end! At that moment, after the pinfall, Clash looked up and locked eyes with me at commentary in complete shock and disbelief. The Streak was over.
Your Winners by Pinfall: X-Pac and Johnny Clash!

Match 6: Chris Avery Queling vs Hush (Hands Up!)

Last night in Creskill, Chris Avery Queling picked up yet another “W” over not one, not two, but 3 individuals in the Beach Bums. Tonight, he was to face Hush. Hush, unfortunately was born deaf. However, this disability has not prevented him from chasing the dream of becoming the next great star here at WrestlePro and he knew in order to make a huge splash (No pun for you Beach Bums), he needed to take out the undefeated Queling. With a few sudden quick strikes and counters, the crowd was caught off guard by Hush’s efforts! We truly thought we were in for the surprise of the YEAR let alone night. However, much like every other opponent who has stepped In the ring with Queling, Hush was dropped hard, fast, and multiple times.
Your Winner AND STILL Undfeated: Chris Avery Queling

**After the match it seemed that Queling had snapped (Again) and this time he took his rage out on the official, his parole officer Neutron, all to the viewing pleasure of one WrestlePro Champion Bobby Wayward. Wayward was able to calm down the lunatic and bring him to the back.**

Match 7: The Beach Bums vs CPA/Habib/Revolting Blob
The dream team was assembled with CPA, Habib, and Revolting Blob making their way out to the ring to the cheers of the Brooklyn Crowd! And just when they thought they had prepped for their opponents, The Beach Bums, Disaster struck! Before the Bums could even get to the ring, they were attacked by Team Espanikos! Team Espana and Nikos Rikos! Coach D grabbed a mic and offered the dream team a different opponent as they quickly accepted!


NEW MATCH 7: Team Espanikos vs CPA/Habib/Revolting Blob!
We knew that this newly assembled team would be difficult to take on Espanikos. Team Espanikos has been on a roll lately in the Trio’s division of WrestlePro and it showed. Nikos coming off his huge 6 way win was on a mission to continue his winning ways and continue to help pull his weight on the international side! The Revolting Blob was also riding his 1- Match winning streak so it wasn’t going to be easy to defeat him! But as time/experience wore on, Team Espanikos was just too much to handle to the pleasure of Coach D!
Your Winners: Team Espanikos w/ Coach D!

Match 8: Delroy Alexander vs Mario Bokara

Last night, in Cresskill, New Jersey; we saw Mario Bokara turn the intensity up and tear the roof off the community center with a win over Matt Macintosh. He was on a mission to continue this momentum against one of the top new comers in WrestlePro; Delroy Alexander. Delroy in the beginning of this match showed a lot of composure and smooth reversals to everything that Bokara was throwing at him. Alexander was out to prove to a lot of people in his home town/city of Brooklyn that he could pull off the upset and make a quick shoot up the WrestlePro championship rankings! Much like anyone who competes against Bokara, you cannot give him an opening to turn that proverbial “on switch” on because once again… he did just that! Just when Delroy was trying to pull off a huge Samoan drop from the middle turnbuckle, Bokara had the overall core strength to turn it into a Croatian (German) suplex from the middle rope identical to what he pulled off on Matt Macintosh the night before leading into the Croatian lock arm bar submission in which Delroy had no other choice than to tap out and keep his limbs intact!
Your Winner on Back to Back Nights by Submission: Mario Bokara! Says to him now!

NIGHT TWO MAIN EVENT: Ryback vs Dan Maff

If I had the strength in my fingers, I would type about this match for hours and hours on end about how it came across as not only the most highly anticipated match of the night but also the most intense and hard hitting contest I may have EVER witnessed. “The Big Guy” Ryback made his debut the night before scoring a tag team title victory with his best friend Pat Buck and was riding that high heading into the main event here. Danny Maff, who is from Bayonne, New Jersey (About 15 minutes from our location here), had a massive crowd there to support him as well. I would say the crowd was honestly split right down the middle. Maff had told me last month that he’s been hearing a lot of “Is Dan Maff ready for Ryback?” and he flipped the script and told the world that Ryback wasn’t ready for Dan Maff and at some points of this match, that turned out to be true. A match that went chop for chop, and literally went slam for slam, found themselves at a stalemate very often. The hitting and chopping would continue for 20 minutes as both men pulled out all the stops. Some would even question how both of these men were standing after the beating they were giving eachother. Ryback showed his freakish strength by picking up the 350+ lb Danny Maff with ease but also, visa versa as Maff showed his power by at one point lifting Ryback 6+ feet in the air and holding him attempting a signature, “burning hammer”. We probably could have thought this match was over multiple times. Ryback hit a huge running knee into the corner leading up to a “G-T-S” that we thought knocked Maff completely out. We also witness the “Big Guy” fly! Never did anyone in that Brooklyn crowd think that Ryback would toss himself at first through the ropes to the outside, and then OVER the top rope to the outside landing on his feet. Multiple times I saw the look in both men’s eyes in literal disbelief that they couldn’t put each other away! In what we could feel the closing moments of this match were, Dan Maff gave every last bit of energy up when he lifted Ryback on his shoulders and HIT the burning hammer leaving both me down and out. Before we could get a winner of this match, we were let down and angered by the arrival of the Edward Jackson 5. The Heavenly Bodies, Chris Payne, Buster Jackson all came to spoil the party as they were all angered by what had transpired in the previous night. Also, to note, Bobby Wayward decided to take full advantage of the situation and noticed a down and out Dan Maff and tried to attack him as well! Just when the numbers game started to play a role in this attack, out came WrestlePro owner, and ½ of the WrestlePro tag team champions, Pat Buck to clear house. Shining Edward Jackson was left in the ring alone by himself as his cavalry headed for higher grounds towards the back. This left Jackson in the ring with Ryback, Maff, and Buck and he knew he was in for it. Ryback then launched Jackson up onto his shoulders and hit the “Shell Shock” so hard to the mat that I think Edward Jackson is still down somewhere (And we are 2 days removed)
Winner of Main event: Ruled No Contest!

**After the match Pat Buck asked for a microphone to address the “EJ-5” that were regrouping towards the entrance way. He expressed that he wasn’t happy with the fact that the Jackson 5 ruined such an incredible main event and that he had a great idea for some payback, Next month! He first announced that because Bobby Wayward came and interfered in this as well, that the WrestlePro Champion would defend his title in November against the #1 Contender, Dan Maff!! Pat Buck then went onto say that the EJ-5 (The Bodies, Payne, and Buster Jackson) were going to be in action as a group to take on Ryback & Himself, however they wouldn’t be alone. He then went onto say “We won’t only be there to defeat you… but we will be there to DELETE YOU!”.. And In November at the Rahway Rec Center on the 19th, we will see The EJ-5 take on Ryback, Pat Buck, and the BROKEN HARDYS!

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