Head Trainer: Pat Buck

Assistant Trainers: Dan Maff Mario Bokara

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Class Schedule: Mondays: 6:30-9:15pm Wednesdays: 8:00-10:00pm

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Create A Pro School is open to all levels, but starts from the ground up.
Create A Pro School will first evaluate where you are at.  There are three levels. **No contracts and no refunds for training** 

Beginner This would describe a person who has never been trained in a legitimate ring by a legitimate trainer. This description means that you are starting from square one, with no legitimate prior experience in wrestling.  This is ideally what this school is for.  Ninety percent of the Create A Pro school will be beginners.

Some Experience This description can be used for someone who has been trained by a reputable trainer in a legitimate fashion. This description would mean that you have been trained prior to performing in front of an audience, and have some understanding of the basics of in ring fundamentals. Your in-ring physical conditioning and physique may or may not be up to Create A Pro standards. 'Some experience' does NOT include 'backyard wrestling,' or the like.

Advanced This description would describe a person who has received legitimate training from a reputable trainer, performed for a number of years for respectable companies, and has achieved a level of recognition within the realm of sports entertainment. This more than likely would include performing for top independent promotions around the United States, Mexico, Japan and more.

What you will need:

  • Shorts
  • Kneepads
  • Wrestling shoes/boots
  • A notebook and pen
  • Water bottle
  • Good hygiene (deodorant, mouthwash).

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Create A Pro NJ School believes in the safety of our trainees. School activity will not occur without Pat Buck, or a guest trainer present. Everyone will sign a waiver of liability before competing. In case of emergency, Create A Pro School is fully insured.

You are expected to be at every class. If you cannot make a class then relay an email or text to Pat Buck explaining why. If you are ill, you are expected to watch class. You learn just as much by watching then you do by training. You will also be expected to show up to WrestlePro Events to help out, set up ring, run errands etc. You will be expected to shake everyone's hand before class and after. You will show respect the building and to your trainers. Respect is a cornerstone of  any professional wrestler.

Upon completion of the course
You will be eligible to compete on WrestlePro live events. At the end of this program you will be ready for a professional wrestling match and will have one. Guaranteed. You will have a character fine tuned under the supervision of Create A Pro. You will have the stamp of approval to wrestle for any organization you chose. You will be a part of the fastest growing promotion today, and will be welcomed into the WrestlePro family. Unlike other schools, we encourage you to perform everywhere you can. We will guide you with your diet, training needs, cosmetic advice, gear advice, anything and everything you need will be provided to you.

Create A Pro - New Jersey is located at:

275 E Milton Ave
Rahway, NJ 07065

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