WrestlePro Weekend Wrap-up! (2/10 & 2/11)

As Seen By Dave “D-Struction” Sturchio

WrestlePro - Starland Ballroom - 2.10.17

WrestlePro was set to kick off its 2nd show of 2017 LIVE from the Starland Ballroom in front of a loud and packed crowd! This was WrestlePro’s debut show there and due to the high demand and crowd attendance, we will be BACK there in April!

Match 1: Chris Payne vs Delroy Alexander
This match for sure set the tone for the entire night. The crowd got right into it with the obnoxious Shining Edward Jackson appearing with his “WAWA” (which seems to have caught his own attention, losing focus in other areas) and was greeted along side EJ5 Member, Chris Payne with a sea of boo’s! Delroy started this match off very hot with 4 very deep and impressive arm drags and had Payne reeling quite early! Payne, with the experience he has and the diabolical manager he has found his opening when Edward Jackson tripped Delroy to give Payne the mid way match advantage. Payne, as I’ve stated in the past few months has really shown us something. His innovative offense is something worth mentioning and he debuted “The Justice System” which includes a baseball sliding knee to the temple and an impressive jumping corner kick had Delroy on the ropes early. But in the end, Shining Edward Jackson once again stuck his nose where it didn't belong and it costed him and Payne. One side swipe of Delroy was enough to roll Payne up and score the 1-2-3!

Your Winner: Delroy Alexander

Match 2: Habib vs CPA (Match 3 of a Best of 5 Series - Series tied 1-1)
We saw a full whole minute of non stop action here as both men were trying to one up each other. There was deafening “CPA!” Chants in the Starland Ballroom at one point where I couldn't hear myself talk and I had headphones on! Habib at one point looked as if he was tired of playing games and shoved CPA right off the top rope and onto the floor! It looked brutal! Habib eventually hits Habib’s Knees and gets the pinfall victory for the series lead, 2-1

Your Winner: Habib!

Match 3: Matt Macintosh vs Alex Reynolds vs Joey Janela
In what was one of the more highly anticipated matches of the evening, it sure did live up to the hype! The crowd was electric for all 3 men but it was definitely a different feel when Joey Janela came through the curtain. A little homage paid to an old friend as he entered the ring and marched in place (What a Star… Man). A fantastic opening exchange between the 3 and we knew we were in for a fight! Janela at one point hit back to back dives to the outside and then hits a HUGE blockbuster from the top rope. Macintosh towards the later stages of this triple threat match showed that his offensive “move-set” at WrestlePro goes unmatched. As the match wore down and the crowd stayed completely invested, Alex Reynolds showed that he was the veteran of this match and took full control. The “Bad Girl” also tried to get involved and found a little misfortune but in the end, Alex Reynolds shocked all of us when he pulled of a tombstone piledriver to Janela who just so happened to LAND on Matt Macintosh. A fantastic match but Reynolds takes this one!

Your Winner: Alex Reynolds

Match 4: Impromptu - Dirty & Durable vs Sonjay Dutt & Fallah Bah
Donovan and Blake rushed to the ring unannounced and snatched the microphone from David Adams (Rough night for the ring announcer; more on this later). Donovan, like he’s done twice already told the crowd he was sick and tired of the “Who Are You?” chants from every new crowd they’ve experienced. They wanted to be heard, they wanted to be known and they wanted to grab the attention of the WrestlePro fans/brass. They got the attention alright in the form of Sonjay Dutt who came out and simply asked, “Who are you?” This lit a fire and Donovan and Blake began an all out assault onto Sonjay. Within 30 seconds or even less, Out came the Panda Man himself, Fallah Bah! This lead to an impromptu tag team match! For the lack of experience of a tag team, Dutt and Bah found themselves gelling quite nicely as a unit. Dirty & Durable were 100% caught off guard in the early going but within time, settled in nicely. Let it be known that this tag team division gets deeper and deeper every month and D&D are adding themselves to that ranking system and proved on this night that they can go with ANY team on the roster. In the end of this one, the lack of experience as a team definitely caught up to Bah and Dutt, and the statement was made, with the assist of feet on the top rope during a pin! Hence the name, Dirty… and Durable.

Your Winners: Donovan and Blake - Dirty & Durable

Before Match 5 took Place, I took to the ring to get a word with WrestlePro champion, Bobby Wayward. I tried to get to the bottom of the referee situation in which helped Bobby retain his title two straight months. Bobby assured me that this Referee was trained, licensed and had no involvement with Wayward (To the displeasure of the a crowd who wasn’t born yesterday). Wayward then said he feared for his safety. He said there was a lunatic on the loose named Anthony Bowens. He then introduced to me and the Sayreville crowd, J.O.B. Security. 4 Men that were hired by Wayward to protect him from such outlandish attacks by Bowens. I tried to get to the bottom of the Chris Avery Queling relationship which Bobby responded to bringing him out to confront me and it lead to me deciding to get out of dodge. Wayward, JOB Security, and Queling stood tall in the ring and awaited Bowens.

Match 5: Chris Avery Queling vs Anthony Bowens
Bowens knew he had to start fast and he did. Hitting CAQ with everything he had and early! CAQ though found his opening and unleashed hell on the returning Bowens. (Keep in mind, Bowens was out for a few months with a concussion) Despite his “out there” mentality, Chris Avery Queling knew that the head was indeed going to be a weak point for Bowens in this match so continued to land strike after strike to try and knock Bowens silly again. Just when Bowens was trying to make a small comeback, an obnoxious entrance song blared over the PA System, “ALERT! ALERT! JOB SECURITY! ALERT!” and out came the 4 chosen individuals by Wayward to try and interject in the match. Bowens was able to take all 4 of them out rather quickly but it gave CAQ the small opening he needed to knock Bowens out cold with that devastating left armed lariat to the back of the head.

Your Winner: With the Help of Waywards Job Security: Chris Avery Queling

Match 6: The Amazing Graysons vs Apple Corps w/ Kasey Catal
In a match where we knew it was going to be a battle of two of our younger teams at WrestlePro the Apple Corps introduced us to their newest ASSet, Kasey Catal. She sure was a looker and right away had the Graysons looking a little bit over the shoulder of Valerio and Max. Stay focussed boys! The early going of the match had great fire and speed. Both teams are showing that month after month they continue to gel and work better as a team. Apple Corps had the control early in this one. Lot’s of devious blind tags and double teams and they were fitting right in with their leader Matt Macintosh. There was a strong comeback attempt by the Graysons towards the closing moments of this one. Personally, it was hard to keep up, THAT’S how fast these kids were. But in the end, Feinstein hit a beautiful super kick which fell into a german suplex for the 1-2-3 win.

Your Winners: The Apple Corps w/ Kasey Catal

Match 7: Pat Buck & Kevin Matthews vs Danny Maff & ???
We’ve been anticipating this one for over a month. Danny Maff has run over everything in his way to this match. So how does one Danny Maff make himself more dangerous? That’s easy, you add HOMICIDE to the match! Homicide came out to the disbelief of the entire Starland Ballroom crowd and this right away was an all out brawl. They exchanged the stiffest and hardest of punches and strikes. Little did I know, there was no rules! Even if there was rules, Maff and Homicide didn’t really care. At one point, I feared for Pat and Kevin in this one. But, like the ring generals they are, they fought back, and fought back hard. In fact, they didn’t just leave the action in the ring, they basically battled in different areas of the Starland Ballroom. Kevin and Pat were holding their own despite the fear that was struck in the entire crowd, including myself. Towards the end of this one, where we thought we were going to be shocked by a KM and Buck victory another man appeared on the ring apron and interjected himself in the match. This man was the size of Danny Maff if not bigger. Before we can even guess who it was, he revealed himself as Monsta Mack! DA HIT SQUAD HAS ARRIVED! An all out assault leaving Matthews and Buck lifeless in the ring. The “EVIL FAMILY” as Danny Maff announced started to ruin everything in their path and that included taking ring announcer David Adams jacket, running his pockets and stealing his money, they stole my cell phone, they stole Shining Edward Jackson’s (My commentary partner) hat. It was all out mayhem! They finally left the ring but not before Kevin Matthews could get a microphone. He went onto say that where he’s from, Brooklyn, New York, you have to finish the job, and The Evil Family did not. KM went onto say that on March 11th, it will be the Evil Family (Maff, Mack, Homicide) will take on Pat Buck, Kevin Matthews, and a partner of THEIR choosing. The tables have turned. Who will KM and Pat get to back them up in another potential war?? Buy a ticket and find out in Rahway on March 11th!

Match 8: Johnny Clash, Mark Sterling, & Massage NV vs RIKISHI and The Beach Bums
In a battle where Johnny Clash announced that if he couldn’t get the job done he would retire (for the 2nd? 3rd time? We’ve lost count), He aligned himself with Create-A-Pro New York Champion “Smart” Mark Sterling and maybe the most unique tag team we’ve seen hit the WrestlePro stage, Massage NV. Yes, the name gives away their offense. Lots of early massages were dished out by these guys. The Beach Bums ,who continue to improve by the month were trying to impress the WWE Hall of Famer, Rikishi. In the closing moments of this one, the Starland Ballroom crowd thought we were going to get the ever so famous, “Stinkface” performed on Mark Sterling. Little did we know, Sterling was well prepared and delivered a dirty low blow to slow the big Samoan down. In the end of this one, we witnessed yet AGAIN Johnny Clash take the pinfall for the 1-2-3 sending him into early retirement… again. Again. And Again. We were then not left hanging! Rikishi found himself in a great position to finally deliver the Stink Face to Mark Sterling and did! Rikishi and the Beach Bums celebrated into the night by reenacting “Too Cools” dance routine.

Your Winners: Rikishi and The Beach Bums

Match 9: Taboo Crew w/ Vanity vs Team Espanikos w/ Coach D (Trios Pro Championship)
Finally we were going to crown our very first Trios Pro Champions! In the early going of this one, Nikos Rikos had the advantage over the multi-talented Micah Jenkins. Lots of back and forth action to the pleasure of both managers, Coach D and Gino Gotz. We saw an early arrival of the big man, Craig Steele, firing up as only he knows how and laying out all 3 members of Espanikos. But in the end, with the whistle blowing skills of Coach D, Espanikos was able to win their very first championship at WrestlePro!

Your Winners: AND NEW Trios Pro Champions: Team Espanikos w/ Coach D
After the Match: It seems to be a trend lately for Coach D to wind up in harm's way. He found himself on the receiving end of a HUGE Taboo Driver. May he rest in peace.

Match 10: Ryback vs Brian Cage
In the most hard hitting match of the night, The Big Guy, Ryback took on The Machine Brian Cage. There was a lot of hype built for this one by Ryback who insured us that this match was going to live up to the billing. And it did just that. Cage however stunned the Big Guy early with a massive powerslam and early offense. We also saw Ryback throw a SUPER KICK as we were pleasantly surprised by yet another gear change from the Big Guy. Brian Cage hit a massive release german suplex in which I think i felt the venue shake and then followed it up with a second rope moonsault on Ryback! Ryback towards the later part of the match hits the meathook clothesline and tried to set Cage up for the Shellshock but Cage spilled out of the ring. It was out of my vantage point from where I was sitting but from my angle, I saw Brian Cage do a running flip off the stage and into the crowd! Unfortunately they paid no mind to the referees 10 Count!


Main Event! WCPW Internet Championship: Cody Rhodes (c) vs Mario Bokara vs Lio Rush
This match has been brewing for months. The challenge was laid out by Mario Bokara back in November of 2016, it was accepted, it then morphed into a triple threat match when Lio Rush disrespected Bokara in January. This match was going to be an all out brawl and as an added bonus, it was for the WCPW Internet Championship! Lio Rush is something special. His moveset and his ability to change speeds and direction is incredible. He brought it in the early on of this match. Keep in mind, Rhodes did NOT have to be pinned to lose this championship in the rules of this match. Bokara proved that he belonged in this match. Month after month he proves that he is one of our top guys at WrestlePro. Mid way through the match we saw a very weird exchange of events as Joey Ryan made his way to ringside not once, but twice. The first time, he just kind of did a lap around and left. This left the Sayreville crowd puzzled. Mario Bokara pulled out all the stops in this one. Bokara, out of nowhere, threw a handful of powder into Cody’s eyes to try and gain an advantage! This did not please Brandi Rhodes (who was with Cody at ringside) and she entered the ring. She confronted Mario but right behind her was a blinded Cody. Cody then grabbed the first person he saw and hit his famous “crossroads”. However, it just so happened that the first person he grabbed was BRANDI RHODES! Then, Joey Ryan’s music hit once again and this time he had a goal in mind. He took a lifeless Brandi to the back! Mario once again tried to use tactics that we weren’t familiar with as he looked to take Cody’s head off with the WCPW title belt! He missed Rhodes and laid out Rush and then was Cody took advantage of the all out maylay and scored the victory.

Your Winner: AND STILL, WCPW Internet Champion: Cody Rhodes
After the match, Cody grabbed the microphone and thanked everyone for coming out. He helped Lio to his feet and raised his hand in praise. While this was happening, Mario was sitting down in the ring in disbelief that he came just seconds away from scoring a huge victory. Brandi Rhodes made her way back to ringside with a familiar lollypop in her mouth? What exactly happened backstage with Joey Ryan?? Cody seemed a little distraught about it and then handed it to Mario Bokara. Bokara, not interested in any sweets threw it out of the ring but was able to shake the hand of Rhodes as all 3 men put on a clinic to end the night!

NIGHT 2! WrestlePro - Brooklyn, New York- 2.11.17

For the second time in our first year of business, WrestlePro was set to put on another show on a back to back night (we went back to back in October of 2016 in Creskill, New Jersey and Brooklyn, NY)

Match 1: CPA vs Habib (Best of 5 Series, Match 4, Habib Leads Series 2-1)
Just when we thought these 2 couldn’t bring it more than they have in their first 3 encounters, they shocked us all once again, in the best way possible. The two went face to face and the tension was building. Habib went for the ultimate insult and ripped CPA’s clip on tie right off! In which CPA responded by ripping off Habib’s name tag! How on earth would we know his name without his name tag! This happened actually 3 times as both men were well prepared to replace their ripped objects. They chased each other around the ring in the early going and the King Of Spray Style, Habib, found himself on the ground quickly after running into the post accidently. CPA, the noble tax man that he is, refused to take an easy count out victory and rolled him back into the ring. Both men exchanged some offense when they got back in the ring but in the end, CPA was able to hit a massive double axe handle glom type maneuver to tie this baby up!

Your Winner: CPA - Best of 5 Series now Tied 2-2

Match 2: Dirty & Durable vs Sonjay Dutt and Fallah Bah
We saw this match develop at the Starland Ballroom in the previous night, however this time it was scheduled. Sonjay Dutt came out in what looked like an oversized diaper but turned out to be Fallah Bah’s ring gear held up by suspenders! A fantastic look for the new team! Once again, with the experienced gain in the previous night, Sonjay and Fallah worked very well as a team in this one and must have studied the tape from the night before. We saw a HUGE running knee multiple times by Donovan in this one and it’s now a proven move in his repertoire! However, the tape was studied just enough for Sonjay and Fallah to take this second encounter

Your Winners: Sonjay Dutt and Fallah Bah

Immediately following this match I took to the ring again and called out the #1 Contender to the WrestlePro Championship, Anthony Bowens. I had asked him about how he felt about the deck being completely stacked against him later on tonight vs. Bobby Wayward for the title. The addition of J.O.B Security and Chris Avery Queling were making Wayward the heavy favorite. Bobby and his crew appeared rather quickly to throw fuel on the fire but Bowens promised that this comeback would not be complete without winning back HIS WrestlePro Championship

Match 3: Bear Bronson w/ Jay Enterprise vs Beefcake Charlie
I think the best thing to take away from this match is that Beefcake’s new theme song is sang by Ace of Base. Fantastic. The match started off with a very ANGRY Beefcake Charlie. A month ago, his friend and manager, Jay Enterprise walloped Beefy with a shovel and turned his back on years worth of friendship. Charlie was pissed. He hit Bronson with everything he had in the early going of this one. The match turned back and forth a few times. At one point of the match, Beefcake Charlie hit a second rope moonsault which he seems to have perfected at this point! I’ve never seen a man that large fly the way he did. Bear Bronson tried to pull out all the stops and brought a pipe into the ring. The referee took it away briefly but due to another distraction by the diabolical Jay Enterprise, Bear Bronson crushed Beefcake Charlie with this pipe giving him the 1-2-3.

Your Winner: Bear Bronson

Match 4: Johnny Clash vs Hot Dog Starkes vs Kip Stevens vs Chris Steeler vs Hush “Hands Up!” vs Nikos Rikos
Here’s a shocker, the 3 time retired Johnny Clash came out to the ring first to announce that if he did not win THIS match, he would, once again, retire. Completely shocked by this announcement. This match was fun. It was all over the place as much 6-way matches are. Chris Steeler is a newcomer to WrestlePro but no where close to being a rookie in professional wrestling. Try 15 years of experience! It showed early and often. He took down Hush and did a “YOU CAN'T HEAR ME” gesture to the displeasure of the Brooklyn crowd mocking his inability to hear or speak. Once again, this Hot Dog turned into the People’s Hot Dog as “HOT DOG STARKES” Chants broke out for basically the entire length of the match. Steeler as I stated before had this match in control plenty of times and hit the biggest and loudest super kick I’ve seen in one year of WrestlePro. He may or may not have taken Hush’s head off. But, when the ring mayhem settled, Hot Dog Starkes was able to hit a stunner in the middle of the ring! And score the very big upset victory. Hot Dog is now 2-0 in Brooklyn, for the record. Oh and Johnny Clash is now retired, again, for the 3283rd time.

Your Winner: HOT DOG STARKES… Not a typo.

Match 5: Chris Payne w/Shining Edward Jackson vs Mario Bokara
A personal favorite of the night of mine because it saw two men coming off Starland Ballroom loses and both in desperate need of a victory here in Brooklyn. Payne, again, showed a lot of aggression. You don't see Mario handled the way Payne handled him in the early going of this one. But as expected on numerous occasions, Bokara flipped the script on the NYPD officer and dished out a beating of his own. Payne seemed to have found a little momentum once again hitting “The Justice System” on Bokara but then Chris made a key mistake. Payne hit a german suplex on the MASTER of the croatian Suplex and then proceeded to mock Bokara while he was standing right behind him. Mario then hits 4 german suplexes and had Payne reeling. Shining Edward Jackson knew it was the beginning of the end for Payne and tried to interject but once Bokara knocked his ‘WAWA” out of his hands, Jackson paid more attention to attending to that than Payne himself! Mario then locks in the arm submission he’s tapped so many people out with, and Payne, being in the middle of the ring had no other choice

Your Winner: Via Submission: Mario Bokara

Match 6: Taboo Crew w/ Gino Gotz vs Team Espana w/ Coach D
Team Espana (Without Nikos Rikos) were coming off a high because in the previous night they were crowned Trios Pro Champions. Coach D, who we thought may have passed on in the previous night was there in full effect. We saw an “Up and Over” cross body by Jenkins early on, once again proving that this kid is full of gifts inside the wrestling ring. The man defies gravity on every level. Jose A and Jose B definitely showed signs of life but I truly think they were on cruise control for most of this match and were feeling the effects of back to back nights. The Taboo Crew scores the revenge win here and Team Espana suffers its first loss in months!

Your Winners: Taboo Crew
After the match, once again, Coach D found himself alone in the ring in front of a capacity Brooklyn Crowd and once again experienced a near death landing as the Taboo Crew hit another Taboo Driver. RIP again? And to add insult to legit injury, Gino Gotz stole Coach D’s watch right off his lifeless body.

Match 7: Danny Maff vs Craven Varro
The angriest version of Danny Maff hit the stage and Craven Varro was in immediate trouble. We are well aware that Craven missed most of 2016 with a severe neck injury and Maff showed zero compassion. As if we expected anything else. Maff manhandled Varro early and often. This wasn’t much of a match until some how, some way, Varro showed signs of life here and there. Throughout this match, Maff made eye contact with me as if he was sending a direct message for me to relay to the owner of WrestlePro, Pat Buck. He kept yelling for him throughout this match. It was terrifying. Like I stated, Varro attempted a little comeback and nearly fought for his life but in the end, We saw the most devastating Burning Hammer we may have ever seen and Craven was dropped right onto his head.

Winner: Danny Maff
After the match Maff continued the assault trying to shorten Varro’s 2017 as well and maybe his career. Kevin Matthews hit the ring fast to clear Maff out and protect his Reality Check friend. Kevin got the microphone and told Maff to try his luck with a very pissed off Kevin Matthews. Maff got all the way to the top of the ring steps but then turned around, We’re officially on Maff’s time now.

Match 8: Buster Jackson w/ Edward Jackson vs Delroy Alexander
Delroy was coming off a very impressive win over Chris Payne from the Starland Ballroom and looked to keep the momentum rolling with a victory over one Buster Jackson. We saw an early viscous side of Buster. I said this last month that this kid continues to improve. Adding size and strength by the month he wanted to prove to Brooklyn and Delroy he would be no pushover. We saw once again an attempt to corrupt the match by Ed Jackson on the outside but to no avail. Just as Buster attempted to hit a very high risk move from the top rope, Delroy caught up to him and hit his finisher, The Sure Thing! From the second turnbuckle! I'm pretty sure Buster hit the ceiling on this!

Your Winner: Delroy Alexander (2-0 In the WrestlePro Weekend!)

Match 9: WrestlePro Tag Team Championship: Heavenly Bodies © vs Mega Muscle
The Big O and Mike Verna made their tag team debut in Brooklyn and were slated to have a tag team championship match! Some questioned why they would get an immediate shot as they did, and they quickly silenced the critics as they brought a fight to the Heavenly Bodies that they were NOT expecting. The Bodies and their manager Shining Edward Jackson were completely caught off guard by the mix of strength and speed! Verna showed his versatility right off the bat with a massive dive to the outside on the early stages of the match. Let it also be known that Big O was making his debut as well and he may be the strongest version of himself in this match as well. Verna also pulled off a MASSIVE double powerbomb off the second turnbuckle! Just when we thought that Mega Muscle was going to pull of the big debut upset, let’s not forget who they were in the ring with. The Heavenly bodies turned the tide plenty of times in this match and showed why they’re tag team champions. 2 Time Champions to be exact. In the end of this one, the Bodies introduced the Big O to the guard rail twice and almost crushed the entire front row of kids. The Bodies gelled at the right time and hit not one, but TWO Pearly Gates on Mike Verna for the 1-2-3. AND STILL..

Winners: AND STILL.. WrestlePro Tag Team Champions.

Match 10. Alex Reynolds vs Talon
If there was ever an “OVER” fan favorite of the night. It was Talon. The man had an army behind him to support. Talon used the fans energy to take an early advantage over Alex Reynolds who was coming off a MASSIVE win over Joey Janela and Matt Macintosh the previous night. Reynolds however showed that he was the vet in this match (Much like he was in the night before), and took advantage of this match early. The match went back and forth but in the end, the power and energy of the Brooklyn crowd helped Talon hit a huge double stomp! This was sure the upset of the night!

Winner: TALON

MAIN EVENT! WrestlePro Championship Match - Bobby Wayward © vs Anthony Bowens
In one of the most highly anticipated matches in our first year of WrestlePro. Anthony Bowens has been climbing and crawling to get back into the ring since his concussion he suffered on NXT Television. Bowens has also had the most intense rivalry with one Bobby Wayward. Wayward on the other hand, after stealing the WrestlePro championship AWAY from Bowens in September of 2016 with the help of Chris Avery Queling, has had quite the championship run. This match saw its immediate hatred. Bowens and Wayward exchanged strike after strike and you can actually sense the hate in every punch and kick. The crowd were itching for a new champion. Towards the end of this fight, yes i said fight, We saw senior referee Keenan get knocked out and then we heard that familiar intro music, “ALERT! ALERT! JOB SECURITY! ALERT!”. JOB Security tried to help Bobby but to no avail. Bowens was able to clear the ring of all 4 members rather quickly. Just when you thought Bowens had weathered the storm, Here came Chris Avery Queling to attempt to help his “friend” Bobby Wayward retain. If you take a look at the WrestlePro facebook page, you can see the turn of events, but a miscalculation and perfect timing (For Bowens), Chris Avery Queling struck wayward with a devastating lariat! CAQ, being completely distraught, left the ring and rocked like a baby in the entrance way. Bowens then set up Bobby for the “Bowens Boom” and connected!! 1…..2….3!!! WE HAVE A NEW WRESTLEPRO CHAMPION!! Bowens overcame all the obstacles in his way and raised the belt to the Brooklyn crowd and sent everyone happy!

Your Winner: AND NEWWWWW WrestlePro Champion! ANTHONY BOWENS!!

WrestlePro put together two incredible shows back to back nights. We would like to thank the city of Sayreville and the Starland Ballroom and the city of Brooklyn, New York for hosting us and a HUGE thank you to the fans who attended either or BOTH shows! WrestlePro returns to its home, Rahway, New Jersey at the Rahway Rec Center on March 11th 2017! It’s our final show before our BIG appearance at WrestleCon 2017 in ORLANDO FLORIDA! Til Then! This is Dave D-Struction Sturchio

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