WrestlePro Wrap Up – Issue #4 – April 30th 2016

By Dave “D-Struction” Sturchio

Wrestle Pro Issue #4 was set to kick off from the Rahway Rec Center in Rahway NJ for its second appearance in this building in 2 Months. The crowd filed in, the floor seats were full, the bleachers were rocking and ready to go as the voice of WrestlePro David Adams was set to announce the first match!

Brian Myers vs Mario Bokara
The Rahway faithful cheered Brian Myers at first but quickly turned the other way once he ignored their responses. Mario Bokara made his way to the top of the WrestlePro entrance way and was showered with cheers including the crowd stomping and clapping to the beat of his theme music. Bokara started off the match right away by a few attempts of his signature “Croatian Suplex” but Brian Myers, who seemed to have studied some tape, was able to escape the ring multiple times and it also even lead to a beautiful counter by Myers with a strong lariat to get the Croatian to the mat. The crowd was into this match from jump street, trying to get Bokara to rally. Eventually, Brian Myers would see himself on the receiving end of a signature Bokara one legged drop kick in which lit a fire under Mario as he was then able to hit 6 consecutive Croatian suplexes in which leading to his Croatian lock arm bar submission in which after about 4-5 seconds, Myers had nowhere to go and was forced to tap out. Your winner by submission, Mario Bokara. Following the match the crowd continued to clap to the beat of Bokara’s theme song and showered him with cheers until he exited the ramp.
Winner: Mario Bokara via Submission.


Shane Strickland vs Johnny Silver vs Danny Maff
Making his debut for WrestlePro, Shane Strickland, who has stood out as such promotions as Lucha Underground was greeted by the Rahway fans with a massive amount of cheers. Johnny Silver, who at WrestlePro Issue #1 surprised everyone by joining forces with the Reynolds brothers, was also greeted with cheers as he entered the ring flexing as usual. Next up to be announced was one of the cornerstones of WrestlePro, The Bayonne Bad Ass himself, Danny Maff. Before Maff could even get into the ring, the two other competitors knew they had to take advantage of the situation at hand. First, Johnny silver suicide dove right onto Maff knocking him to the floor. Maff, phased, but not completely taken out, rose up quickly as he realized he was in for a fast paced fight! Before he can even gather his thoughts, Strickland came flying over the top rope with a back flip landing on BOTH Maff and Silver! All 3 men were down on the floor before the bell even rang! Strickland and Silver made their way into the ring and began a series of chain wrestling and had the ring all to themselves until Maff cleared the cob webs and entered with vengeance but was greeted by a stiff kick by Silver and then a massive corner to corner biel! Silver has always been known for his freakish strength, continued to prove that with a last ride type power bomb to Shane Strickland and then set Maff up for a dead lift German suplex! That’s 300+ lbs of man dead lifted from the mat into a massive suplex in which the crowd ate up! From there, knowing they had to take the bigger man out, Strickland and Silver hit Maff once a piece with a huge super kick. Maff, phased, but not down, asked for more… and received a double super kick sending him dazed and to the outside! A massive “This is Awesome” chant broke out from the crowd as Strickland and Silver made their way to the top rope for an attempted superplex from Strickland to Silver! As they were setting up for this maneuver, somehow, someway, Dan Maff shot back into the ring and caught BOTH men on the top rope in which lead to a TWO MAN BURNING HAMMER! For the 1-2-3! You’re winner via Burning Hammer, The Bayonne Bad Ass, Danny Maff! After the match, Shane Strickland was making his way back up the ramp in which the crowd started to chant “Please come back!” and Danny Maff gave him the thumbs up of approval.
Winner: Danny Maff via Burning Hammer


Before the next match could be announced, Jeff Jarrrett appeared on the WrestlePro screen to make an announcement regarding the June 11th event in which is being billed as a co-promotion show, Global Force Wrestling and WrestlePro. Jeff went on to say that he wasn’t sure what was going to happen but that there would be stars from all over the world on the event but then shocked the entire crowd with a massive challenge! Jarrett challenged WrestlePro owner and founder Pat Buck to a match. But this time, not just any match.. a STEEL CAGE MATCH! He demanded a response by the end of the night!


Heavenly Bodies (Gigolo Justin, Desirable Dustin, Buster Jackson) w/ Shining Edward Jackson with Team Espana vs The Honky Tonk Man, The Blue Meanie, and the Aesthetic Males (Damian Gibbs, Mike Del, Beefcake Charlie) w/ Jay Enterprise (5 on 5 Elimination Tag Team Match)
This match was highly entertaining right from the start. The Aesthetic Males had the crowd clapping along with their music and even had the Blue Meanie dancing along with The Honky Tonk man enjoying the festivities as well before the match could even begin.
The Blue Meanie made short work of Edward Jackson’s nephew, Buster, by hitting a massive running power slam and right away, it was down to 5 on 4. In came the massive Beefcake Charlie to take care of business by taking his own teammates Del and Gibbs and slamming THEM onto Jose Hernandez eliminating him! Immediately following this, Beefcake hits a HUGE springboard moonsault on JosB Fernandez flattening and eliminating him. Yes, you read that correctly, the big man flew again! So within the opening 5 minutes of this match, We had a full team of the Aesthetic Males, Meanie and Honky Tonk man vs the 2 remaining members of the Heavenly Bodies, Justin and Dustin! Clearly the odds weren’t in their favor and it showed right away! The entire 5 man team layed in heavy chops onto Dustin leading into a very Aesthetic roll up by Mike Del eliminating Dustin. Poor Justin was left all by himself. Justin gave it a valiant effort but was quickly met by the ever so famous, Shake Rattle and Roll hit by The Honky Tonk Man and we all were witnessed to a 5-0 Sweep! All members continued to dance all the way up the ramp celebrating their victory!
Winners: The Aesthetic Males, The Blue Meanie, and The Honky Tonk Man!


Johnny Clash vs Chris Avery Queling
Chris Avery Queling debuted this past month and has really left an impact on the WrestlePro roster immediately. Johnny Clash, who last time in this building was on the receiving end of a record setting number of consecutive Croatian suplexes, had another massive task in front of him as Queling made his way to the ring in his shackles and guided by his parole officer. Clash attempted to get on top of Queling quickly but it went south immediately. Queling landed some vicious stomps in the corner only to lead up to maybe one of the most devastating lariats to the back of Clash’s head knocking him cold. Chris Avery Queling makes quick work of clash and continues to be unbeaten at WrestlePro

Winner: Chris Avery Queling via Lariat to back of head KO.


Pepper Parks & Cherry Bomb vs CPA & Christina Von Erie (Global Force Wrestling’s Women’s champion)
If you remember nothing else from this event (Which is nearly impossible), you will remember the screeching voice of one Cherry Bomb. This mixed tag match was full of action and we were introduced to Christina Von Erie and her unique wrestling style as she quickly hit a massive Hurricanrana on Pepper! CPA seemed to have the match in control until the screeching voice of Cherry Bomb was so loud that it threw CPA off his game for just enough time for Parks to hit a huge kick to the face to CPA sending him to the mat hard. Pepper and Cherry were working as a cohesive devious team using referee distractions and double team moves on poor CPA. The crowd were trying their very hardest to get behind the beloved CPA and Cherry eventually applied a sleeper hold on him and it was almost all she wrote. CPA using the Rahway crowd’s energy was able to get out of this hold and get to Erie for the tag! Erie came in like a house of fire and eventually with the help of a recovered CPA hit a massive double team move on Parks to lead to CPA to climb to the heavens of the top rope.. Then, as usual freaked himself out because of the height, moved down to the second rope, in which then went all the way down to the first rope but was able to hit the biggest of first rope splashes on top of both Pepper and Cherry! For the 1-2-3!
Winners: CPA & Christina Von Erie


Chris Payne w/ Shining Edward Jackson vs Fallah Bahh
Last month we learned and were shocked to see Shining Edward Jackson turn on his most dominate force of the EJ5, Fallah Bahh, but we were even MORE in complete utter disbelief to see one of the WrestlePro fans favorites, Chris Payne throw up the 5 Finger palm pose and hug Jackson. Finally after a few weeks to let marinate, Bahh was here for revenge. Bahh, as of late has been being compared to a as massive Panda bear came out to the ring with just that, a brand new panda bear stuffed animal given to him by a WrestlePro fan. Chris Payne, being his new cold hearted self, decided to snatch the panda away from Bahh and punt it into the masses and announced “ITS GOOD!” like a football field goal. This enraged the Philippine Samoan and he immediately dragged Payne into the ring by his hair! Bahh had Payne set up to squash in the corner and Ed Jackson, doing what he does best, helped Payne to the outside avoiding a potential broken body! Payne followed this momentum swing with a massive hurricanrana/dropkick combo sending Bahh to the canvas. Just when Payne thought all was good and well, he attempted a sunset flip in which all Bahh had to do was take a seat and it just so happened his seat was Chris Payne’s rib cage. Fallah followed this up with a massive low cross body splash flattening Payne yet again! Once Payne was able to get back to his feet, a quick reversal was set up to let Payne have a quick opening to hit his vicious kick in the corner to the back of Bahh’s head. Both men down! Payne went to attempt another high risk move with a spring board flying elbow smash but was caught by Bahh in a huge Samoan drop!! Fallah Bahh then signals for his signature “Panda Express” roll and hits it on a down and out Payne! Just as we thought the match was in hand for Bahh, Shining Edward Jackson got the attention of Fallah and eventually lead him to the ropes in which Jackson struck him with Payne’s nightstick sending Bahh into extreme pain. Payne finds his opening and covers Bahh for the 1-2-3 victory! Before Payne could even celebrate this diabolical victory, Fallah revived himself and knocks Payne to the ground and drags him to the corner for the potential Bonzai drop but EJ was able to drag Payne out and escape!

Winner: Chris Payne via pinfall


Create-a-Pro Academy Battle Royal for the 2016 CAP Cup!
We were introduced to a huge number of Create a Pro students along with a few vets to compete for the 2016 CAP Cup! Amongst the masses of rookies, were veterans such as Delroy Alexander, Kip Stevens, and Nikkos Rikos! We were then greeted by a brand new wrestler that silenced the crowd in pure awe. This man dressed in Orange , a wig, and some make up, went by the name of “The Artist Formely Known as Ronald Kingsley”. He had a very odd and unique entrance to the ring and caught all of the students/vets off guard. Delroy Alexander took firm control of the beginning of this rumble until it took about 4-5 rookies to eliminate him. The Artist Formally Known as Ronald Kingsley took every advantage possible and found himself in the final 4 along with Johnny Clash, Hush, and CAP Rookie Sean Moulson! In the end, in a very quick turn of events, 3 eliminations basically happened one after another and to the shock of the Rahway crowd, the one left standing was the Artist Formally Known as Ronald Kingsley!

Winner of 2016 CAP Academy Cup: The Artist Formally Known as Ronald Kingsley

Taboo Crew (Craig Steele & Micah Jenkins ) w/ Gino Gotz & DJ Mario © vs The Reynolds Brothers
The Tag Team titles were on the line next with the defending champions Taboo Crew vs the Reynolds brothers! Jenkins and Kyle started it off with back and forth chain wrestling until a stand off which was received by a great amount of cheers by the crowd. From there, Jenkins did a little showboating leading up to a small dance off! Before Jenkins can finish his second round of dance moves, Alex Reynolds had enough and clubbed Jenkins in the back leading to the quick turn of events and advantage to the Reynolds. The Reynolds brothers hit a drop toe hold/drop kick combo and almost won the belts rather quickly! The match pace was slowed down as both Alex and Kyle were having their way with Jenkins and kept taunting the Big Deal on the outside that he wasn’t getting into the match. Within a blink of an eye, Jenkins was able to reverse one of the Reynolds’ brothers tag team moves in which Jenkins was finally able to tag in Craig Steele. Craig came in like an animal with clotheslines and a double back body drop cleaning house of the Reynolds! The taboo crew hit a wheel barrel DDT/German suplex combo almost securing their victory but a 2 count broken up by Alex! Kyle and Alex took it upon themselves to attempt a double dive onto Craig who wound up on the outside of the ring but just as they landed, not 2 seconds later Micah Jenkins was flying through the ropes landing on all 3! Taboo Crew then roll in Kyle Reynolds and hit their signature Deal Breaker double team move for the 1-2-3. AND STILL, your WrestlePro tag champions, The Taboo Crew!

Winners: Taboo Crew via Pinfall


Bobby Wayward vs Kevin Matthews
The Waaaaayward chants were plentiful as Bobby entered the ring. Kevin Matthews came out to his normal deafening cheers of his Rahway followers and before they can even lock up and get the match going, Bull James’ music hits ! Bull appears on the stage and goes onto say that since Kevin Matthews welcomed him into WrestlePro (at WrestlePro Issue #1)and his opponent didn’t show up tonight, that he would like to ask if he can enter this match and make it a 3-way Dance. Bobby was flipping out in the ring declining this offer but unfortunately for him, the Rahway crowd, Kevin, and Bull said YES and this match was quickly turned into a triple threat! In the Early part of the contest, Bobby wanted no part of either men and kept ducking out of the ring just before the two others could get their hands on him. Finally, Wayward was cornered and unable to escape after a few attempts as Bull and Kevin double teamed up on Wayward. Eventually, Bobby was able to use his speed to send Kevin to the outside and start to light up Bull with some massive kicks and strikes. He even took it upon himself to try and literally choke James right in front of the referee for the extra advantage. Kevin Matthews made his way back into the ring full of rage and took it all out on Bobby. Out of no where, Kevin hits the Ego-Driver on Wayward! Just when you thought Kevin had the match won, Bull James breaks up the count and hits Kevin Matthews with a pedigree!?! The Pedigree takes out Kevin and Bull James wins the triple threat match!
Winner: Bull James via Pedigree!

**After the match Kevin was able to sit up and embrace the cheers from the crowd for his efforts. He was waiving to the crowd and all of a sudden a familiar theme song started to play and he knew immediately he was in for it. The music of MONSTERS ISLAND along with the sound of Giant Leathers chainsaw was heard by the Rahway Crowd. Gambles the Clown and Leather surrounded the ring and Kevin had nowhere to go. Kevin then received a devastating face planting move by Gambles into a giant Choke Slam leaving KM flat on his back. Why did Monsters Island corner Kevin? Will KM have a response? Will we get answers!? **


MAIN EVENT! WrestlePro Championship Match:
Matt Macintosh (c ) w/ Helen Vale vs Anthony Bowens

The Rahway crowd was ready for one more match in this very highly anticipated title match! On March 5th in this same building, Anthony Bowens won a 35 Man rumble to earn himself the spot of being #1 Contender and tonight, it was time to cash in! There was no time for any technical wrestling to be exchanged as both men, filled with hate for each other, exchanged massive fists! After the right crosses were thrown, both men then focused on trying to get a quick and early victory as a total of 6 different pinning sequences were attempted and reversed by both talented men. Eventually Macintosh was able to hit a massive kick to slow Bowens down but Anthony showed he wasn’t going down without a fight. Bowens was relentless and eventually was able to hit a huge super kick and got a very very close 2 count! Bowens then attempted one of his signature roaring elbows in which Macintosh moved and Bowens leveled senior referee Kevin Keenan and knocked him completely out! Without blinking, Helen Vale (Macintosh’s manager) climbed to the top rope with the referee down and hit a HUGE hurrianrana on Bowens leading into a huge Apple Slicer! Macintosh had the match won! He began to yell for a new ref to come down and help out in which his yelling was finally heard as a second referee entered the ring for an even closer 2 count! Macintosh then set up Bowens for his signature double stomp from the top rope in which Bowens was able to fight out of and hit a massive superplex into a driver combo but for another near fall 2 count! The crowd was going absolutely nuts for these near falls! Macintosh made his way to the top rope to hit a drop kick and takes out the second referee in the process! 2 Refs down! Bowens then able to get up hits Macintosh with a driver with Macintosh’s head landing on his Bowen’s knee knocking him out! Vale comes back in to interject and Bowens catches her with a massive running knee knocking her out of the ring! Bowens, in full control here but with 2 Ref’s down and ZERO Referees left in the back! Then in a massive turn of events, WrestlePro Owner PAT BUCK! Comes out with a referee shirt in hand! He puts it on and slides into the ring, Bowens hits the running knee and Buck counts 1-2-3!! WE HAVE A NEW WRESTLEPRO CHAMPION! The Crowd erupts, Bowens is in disbelief that his dream was just accomplished!
Winner Via Pinfall: And NEW WrestlePro Champion: Anthony Bowens

**After the match Matt Macintosh is irate and grabs the microphone from David Adams and decides to let the crowd know that he feels and that he feels like he’s been screwed over. He says that Buck has had it in for him from the start of the company. Macintosh goes on by saying he’s underappreciated and that on June 11th he will be working for a company that appreciates him more than WrestlePro could… GLOBAL FORCE WRESTLING! After he made this announcement he went on to say he saw this turn of events coming from a mile away so he went ahead and hired an insurance policy. Immediately after saying that, an entire group of men with GFW t-shirts on wearing ski masks come and surround the ring! Buck and Bowens are cornered. The GFW stars rush the ring and attack both men. While this is happening a few other GFW henchmen are taking the ring apart exposing the wood beams under the mat and removing the padding. They’re all causing complete chaos. In this scramble, Both CPA, and Habib from the Car Wash try to rush the ring to help their company but to no avail. Macintosh then has Buck to himself and hits Jeff Jarrett’s signature move “The Stroke” on Pat onto the exposed wood! Immediately after that Macintosh drops Bowens with a huge driver onto the wood as well. All of a sudden out of the back the rest of the cavalry comes to try and help Buck and Bowens who are already knocked out cold and GFW along with Matt Macintosh escape through the crowd. What a way to end the show. Who are these masked GFW Men!? Macintosh may have lost the championship but may have gained a whole lot more!


From start to finish this night was fantastic! A huge mix of new talent, veteran talent, women, and home grown WrestlePro stars stole the night. The next event is the GFW/WrestlePro show in Keyport, New Jersey on June 11th! The way this night ended, you can only assume WrestlePro superstars are looking for revenge for their fallen leader Pat Buck, who, on June 11th , has the challenge issued by Jeff Jarrett for a steel cage match! Until next time!

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