WrestlePro Wrap Up! Live From Union, NJ – January 7th 2017

By Dave “D-Struction” Sturchio

The winter storm to kick off 2017 didn’t stop WrestlePro from putting on their first show of the year. WrestlePro was a massive success in its first year of 2016 and continued the momentum heading towards its massive role in “WrestleCon” 2017 in Orlando at the end of March.

Match 1: CPA vs Habib – Round 2!
In a rematch from November’s “Final Deletion” where it found CPA to be the victor, Habib was granted the rematch he wanted. This match started off with a battle for Habib’s famous squirt bottle ending in a few key sprays leading up to CPA taking control early. CPA showed more agility once again by performing more unassisted rolls in the middle of the ring to the confusion of Habib. The mind games started early. The tide turned quickly when Habib hit his patented spinning wheel quick and sent CPA to the mat. Just when we thought Habib had the match in hand using his speed and agility, CPA found his opening again to try his famous top rope (and quickly turned middle rope) splash but couldn’t connect. Habib takes advantage of a reeling CPA for a roll up 1-2-3. This series is tied at 1 and the rubber match will take place.
Winner: Habib!

Match 2: The Beach Bums vs Team Espanikos w/ Coach D
The last we saw Team Espanikos they were continuing their winning ways with a huge upset victory over Reality Check. On that night also, we thought we saw the last of Coach D, as he was on the receiving end of Kevin Matthew’s “Ego Driver” that practically broke Coach D in half. We were wrong! Coach D lead his red hot team down to the ring to take on one of our rookie Trios teams of the Beach Bums! I think we were all caught off guard by the teamwork and fire used immediately by the Bums. We also saw a 3 way “surfs up” style maneuver that had the Union crowd fully invested and behind the Bums! As expected, though, Team Espanikos turned the tide and reminded all of us why they’ve been on such a winning streak. Jose A and Jose B have gelled since their start at WrestlePro but the addition of the vicious Nikos Rikos has really upped these three’s game. Team Espanikos was in full control for the majority of this match. Once both teams found themselves on the mat, in came TJ with the hot tag and just sitting at ring side I could see a massive improvement from this kid in just a few months time! Just when we thought Freddy IV and his Bums had Union ready for an upset, a quick distraction by the diabolical Coach D gave Jose A the opportunity to hit the one of the bums with a LOADED PLAYBOOK! Team Esapanikos steals one here and continues their winning ways!
Winners: Team Espanikos

** We were then greeted by WrestlePro owner Pat Buck. Buck came out to address the crowd about what had transpired at “Final Deletion” with Dan Maff exploding on WrestlePro security and our very own ring girl. Before Buck can get into detail he was interrupted by Shining Edward Jackson and the EJ5. Ed goes on to tell Buck that the WrestlePro Tag Team Champions (RyBuck) hadn’t defended their tag belts in over 100 days! Eddie knew that Ryback wasn’t in the building and told Buck he had to be the “stand up owner he is” and give the Heavenly Bodies their rematch TONIGHT! Out came Create-A-Pro New York’s own Kip Stevens! Kip said he was sorry to interrupt but wanted to throw his name out there to support Buck and name himself his tag team partner to defend the tag team belts. While Buck respected the offer, he told Kip that if he could defeat Buster Jackson in the next match, that he would be a suitable teammate!**

Match 3: Buster Jackson vs Kip Stevens
One guy who has really made a full reversal in luck since joining the EJ5 is Eddie’s nephew Buster Jackson. He’s added size and even more quickness and agility to his game that he already had previously. He came out swinging early and thought to make quick work of Kip. A back and forth effort by both competitors here but leave it up to Shining Edward Jackson to pull Kip’s feet from under him while attempting a suplex and helped Buster get the victory 1-2-3. In Kip losing, Buck had til the end of the night to find a suitable partner to defend the WrestlePro tag team titles.
Winner: Buster Jackson

Match 4: Dirty & Durable (Donovan and Blake) vs Amazing Grayson’s
Donovan and Blake, under a new name, gear, and apparently attitude cut a promo prior to the match saying that 2017 was going to be a new and better year for the seasoned vets. The Amazing Grayson’s came out to change that fortune quickly. The WrestlePro tag team division was greeted by a fresh team (Grayson’s) and they showed pretty quickly that their not to be taken lightly. One thing is for sure; the statement that D&D made prior to the match was taken VERY seriously early on as both Donovan and Blake showed a viscous side we haven’t seen from these two. For the Grayson’s, however, their speed and youth helped them in the early going but eventually they ran out of steam. Towards the end of the match the Union crowd was behind these young Grayson’s but unfortunately for them, the tag team experience of Blake and Donovan showed as a quick distraction was all it took for Donovan to hit a HUGE spinning sit out Power Bomb for the victory.
Winners: Dirty and Durable

Match 5: Johnny Clash vs Swoggle
Johnny Clash didn’t have the greatest 2016 in singles competition. In fact, he didn’t win one, one on one matchup. The only taste of victory he experienced was when he tagged up with former DX/nWo member, X-pac. Clash grabbed the mic from David Adams and said it was time for that to either change, or it was time for him to go. He said that if he couldn’t defeat Swoggle on this night that he would retire from wrestling. Swoggle came to the ring to a massive roar from the Union crowd and used that momentum in the match that lasted all of about 25 seconds. Swoggle hits the tadpole splash for the 1-2-3! Bye Bye , Johnny.
Winner: Swoggle!

**Prior to the match, Mario Bokara was announced as the special guest time keeper**

Match 6: Fatal 4 Way- Chris Payne vs Lio Rush vs Joe Keys vs Delroy Alexander
This match was fantastic. We saw the debut of Lio Rush and he was out to prove that the hype was real, and well, it was. Payne and Delroy separated themselves at first inside the ring as Keys and Rush chased each other around the ring early on. Lio Rush was showing the type of speed that WrestlePro hasn’t seen yet. A very innovative offense for sure but just as we thought his speed was going to catch everyone by storm, Chris Payne made sure he welcomed Rush in the only way he knows how, and that’s catching the lighter star on one of his dives and slamming him into the ring post! Chris Payne showed some new innovative offense of his own and showed even more aggression than we’ve seen in prior months to the satisfaction of one Edward Jackson on the outside. Don’t forget about Delroy! In previous months, we’ve seen “The Black Stallion” in some seriously hard fought matches against Bokara and Colt Cabana. Delroy showed more power and promise in this match than he did in his previous two. He hit a huge spine buster on Payne that I’m pretty sure he’s still feeling today, days later. Payne then found himself in control again and hit a HUGE torture-rack type spinning bomb on Lio Rush. It’s as if Payne was out to make a statement heading towards some bigger events in the next coming months.. But, as Payne and Delroy took themselves out of the ring, Lio Rush was able to take advantage of the one on one with Joe Keys and his a massive spin out powerbomb for the win!
Winner: Lio Rush

**After the Match**
Mario Bokara left the time keeping table and entered the ring to introduce himself to Lio Rush and congratulate him. Surprisingly, Rush tried to brush off Bokara. Mario wasn’t having this. He spun Rush around to try and confront him about his blatant disrespect. Rush and Bokara went face to face in which in turned into an all out brawl. Ring security had to separate the two in which Mario continued to yell “NOW YOU KNOW ME!”. Immediately following this; WrestlePro announced that Mario’s one on one match vs Cody Rhodes has now been turned into a triple threat with LIO RUSH!

** In Ring Segment**
Dave D-Struction entered the ring to fill the Union crowd in on what had transpired with Anthony Bowens down at NXT. He directed the attention of the audience to the screen where they re-lived what had occurred. Dave then announced Anthony Bowens to the crowd and he was greeted by a huge standing ovation. Bowens went on to say that he did indeed suffer a severe concussion at the hands of the NXT talent and he was still not medically cleared to participate in any in ring wrestling. He did however issue two challenges (That have now officially been signed) for February 10th at the Starland Ballroom vs Chris Avery Queling and February 11th in Brooklyn, New York for the WrestlePro heavyweight championship in his arch rival, Bobby Wayward in his title rematch! From there, Wayward made his way to the ring shouting at Bowens and taking his focus away from the entrance way. Out ran Chris Avery Queling from the back and completely clobbered Bowens with his devastating left armed lariat to the back of a concussed Bowens knocking him out cold. Wayward instructed the ringside security to remove Bowens from the arena and they followed the orders leading us into our WrestlePro championship match of the night…

Match 7: WrestlePro Championship Match- Bobby Wayward © vs Sonjay Dutt vs Alex Reynolds
Sonjay Dutt came out hot to start this one. His ring experience alone made him a favorite to win this match and shock the Union crowd. Wayward eventually cut off this steam and heard it from the crowd. Wayward was proving to everyone why he was voted, 2016’s most hated wrestler of WrestlePro. Alex Reynolds who was making his return to the WrestlePro ring showed why he is also a former heavyweight champion on the independents. Alex was hitting Wayward and Dutt with everything he had in his move-set and at one point worked WITH Dutt to try and take out the champion. Just as we thought that Alex Reynolds was set to make the shock and upset of the night, out came the same referee from “Final Deletion” ! This referee pulled out senior referee Keenan and shoved him to the ground. Alex had the match won and Bobby’s shoulders to the mat for the 1…2… It Happened again! This slimey referee looked at the time keeper’s table and said that Wayward had gotten the shoulder up! Clearly it didn’t! Reynolds quickly realized something fishy was going on and tried to corner the ref. Wayward made his way up and shoved Reynolds into Dutt to take him out of the ring and then rolled up Alex for the fastest 3 count of the night! Wayward steals ANOTHER one!
Winner: AND STILL, WrestlePro champion: Bobby Wayward

Match 8: Beatrice the Barbie Killer vs Nikki Adams
Beatrice definitely caught the Union crowd off guard by her slow and somber entrance to the ring in which she was carrying a dolls head and had the audience very uneasy. Nikki Adams came out quick like a house of fire and started her WrestlePro debut off hot! Beatrice tried to retreat several times to the outside but the ring veteran, Adams, followed and caught up to her a few times. Beatrice, though, wanted and needed to make her impact on the women’s division and delivered a massive power bomb to try and regain control of the match and surprisingly enough, Beatrice hit a massive innovative back breaker for the upset!
Winner: Beatrice The Barbie Killer

Match 9: Apple Corps vs Taboo Crew w/ Gino Gotz
We’ve seen a lot of crazy things in this night already but what Union, NJ was not ready for was the IN RING WRESTLING debut of GINO GOTZ! Early on in this match, Micah Jenkins and Valerio Lamorte started off with some chain wrestling. Both of these guys continue to impress month after month. On paper, Matt Macintosh’s boys had this match in their favor as we didn’t know what to expect out of Gotz. Macintosh showed his aggressive side again as he’s stated time and time again he was tired of the over the top gimmicks of WrestlePro. Something I can say about the Apple Corps is that in just a few months of working as a team, they have gelled completely and are to be taken very serious in 2017. Just as we thought Craig was going to get the hot tag in, Gino put his hand in front of Craig’s and tried to get in there and show what he had! Which in turn, well, wasn’t much as he found himself on the receiving end of a few tough moves. Just when Macintosh and his corps thought they had the match in hand, Macintosh was once AGAIN distracted by Hot Dog Starkes who had appeared in the crowd. Macintosh had enough as he hopped into the masses and made their way to a different area of the arena and The Taboo Crew took full advantage and hit’s the Taboo Driver! Craig then takes a lifeless Gotz and puts him on top, 1-2-3! Scoring the pinfall, GINO GOTZ!
Winners: The Taboo Crew

Match 10: Matt Striker vs Fallah Bahh
This match, to me, was one of the more entertaining of the night. Two COMPLETELY different styles of wrestling here had clashed. Fallah was having a lot of fun with the crowd and had them all chanting along, “Bah! Bah! Bah!” and it completely caught Striker off guard. After a big corner splash miss, Striker, being the smarter of the two took advantage of this opening and tried working on the big man’s leg. Fallah eventually regained his balance and hit Striker with a huge “E. Honda” like striking combo sending Striker to the mat. Fallah then told the crowd he was going to bring Striker back to the “WWE” in which he then a 5-Bah-uckle-Shuffle, a R-K-Bah out of nowhere, and capped it off by telling Striker to “Bah it!” and hit a massive Bah-digree! 1-2-3!
Your Winner: Fallah Bahh

Match 11: Bear Bronson vs Beefcake Charlie w/ Jay Enterprise
The night was full of great wrestling, fast wrestling, and funny wrestling. However in this match, it was time to add the POWER wrestling to the recipe for a successful night. Bear Bronson has come into WrestlePro and has quickly turned a lot of heads. Beefcake came out to the familiar “Aesthetic Males” theme song and his fun loving self had the crowd clapping along once again. This match went back and forth. It was hard to move each other as both were complete forces. Just when Beefcake thought he saw a wide open opportunity to hit his huge second rope moonsault (In which he missed prior in the match), we saw the shocker of the night! Jay Enterprise struck beefcake with a shovel that he had brought out in his entrance and knocked the big man off the second turnbuckle and Bronson took advantage for the 1-2-3. Why did Jay Enterprise do this? Poor Beefcake was left lifeless in the ring.
Winner: Bear Bronson

Match 12: MAIN EVENT! WrestlePro Tag Team Championship Match: Buck and ??? © vs. Heavenly Bodies
The Heavenly Bodies were set to go in their entitled rematch for the tag team titles as they entered first and awaited Buck’s entrance. Pat came out first holding both tag team titles and pointed to the entrance as out came KEVIN MATTHEWS! Kevin and Pat being best friends outside of WrestlePro, everyone was very excited to see that Buck had found a very suitable tag team partner to defend the belts. Kevin then said to make things interesting, Buck & Matthews made this a NO DISQUALIFICATION Match! This match quickly turned brutal! Kevin and Justin were the first to leave the ringside area and made their way through the crowd. Kevin used every weapon at his disposal and then even encouraged fans to throw their garbage on a down Gigolo Justin. In the ring, for a brief moment before joining the outside action, Buck and Dustin went back and forth with each other. After about 5 minutes on the outside and Buck and Matthews in firm control brought back the Bodies to finish them off inside the ring. Just when we thought we were going to see the champions retain, out came DAN MAFF! Maff Cleared house! He hit a huge cannon ball in the corner on Kevin Matthews and then handcuffed him to the bottom rope taking him out of the match! Maff then grabbed Buck and launched him onto his shoulders and hit a HUGE Burning Hammer and yelled to the owner, “I DID THIS TO YOU!”. He pulled Justin on top of Buck, Kevin was restrained and couldn’t do anything to help even if he wanted to! 1-2-3! WE HAVE NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!
Winners: AND NEW! WresltePro Tag Team Champions, Once again, THE HEAVENLY BODIES!

** After the match Buck grabbed a microphone and apologized to the Union crowd for not sending them home happy. He went on to say he doesn’t know why things have been happening as of late but issued a massive challenge for the Starland Ballroom. He told Dan Maff to find ANY PARTNER OF HIS CHOOSING to take on himself and KEVIN MATTHEWS! **


What a night of action. We want to thank those who attended this show in the middle of a small snow storm and look forward to hosting our WrestlePro fans on February 10th at the Starland Ballroom, February 11th in Brooklyn, New York! Til Next Time!

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